Ester Torredelforth


          Illustrator, graduated in History of Art, painter and photographer Ester Torredelforth began her apprenticeship with the acclaimed painter Pere Ripoll I Calderó at the age of 7. At such early age she showed a strong tendency towards art and everything that surrounds it.

               Her attraction to the world of illustration would be seen in the light of the Jules Verne competition, where she would be choosen as a finalist at the age of 15, participating in the public book cover exhibition in the city of Lleida.

                 She has recived several awards in photography, including the participation in the exhibition at EFIM 2006 Barcelona International Competition. Among others exhibitions of painting can emphasize the one held at the library hall of Rovira I Virgili University in Tarragona, promoted by “l 'Aula d'Art”, an established art institution in Tarragona where artists like Joseph Queralt or Jordi Abelló have exposed their works.

            Her latest work "Equilibrio", a collaboration with well known catalan poet Enric Lopez Tuset, was published in Madrid and Tarragona by Polibea Editorial and was presented at the Ateneo institution in Madrid.

Now she combines her artistic activity with art teaching and also works in literary projects.

           Her work show a strong tendency to mystical nature exploration, building this pantheistic idea in the image of trees: symbols of the complexity of thinking and wisdom.