Dr. Ester Torredelforth



Illustrator, doctorate in medieval art and fashion, painter and photographer, Ester Torredelforth began her apprenticeship with the acclaimed painter Pere Ripoll I Calderó at the age of 7. At such early age, she showed a strong tendency towards medieval art and everything that surrounds it.

She develops her career at Rovira i Virgili University, where she ended her Doctoral studies in medieval art with a thesis focused on late medieval fashion titled "Catalan Female Noble Clothing from the 15th Century and its Reflection in Art".

Her latest work as illustrator is "Equilibrio", a collaboration with the acclaimed Catalan poet Enric Lopez Tuset, and "Ciudades sumergidas", by the Spanish critic and poet Adriana G. Garcia, which was published in Madrid by Polibea Editorial and Hyperion Ediciones.

Nowadays, she combines her artistic activity with art teaching, medieval research and art management at Anquin’s Art Gallery.

           Her work show a strong tendency to mystical nature exploration, building this pantheistic idea in the image of trees: symbols of the complexity of thinking and wisdom.